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Film, Television & Digital Entertainment Internship/Apprenticeship

For Students

The Film, Television & Digital Entertainment Internship/Apprenticeship courses are a 6-credit hour option as a part of 18 hours of coursework offered by a consortium of Georgia institutions that satisfies requirements for the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) Certification. The course is designed to provide students with a basic level of skills in film & television production, post-production, and digital entertainment & Esports. Once you are placed into an Internship/Apprenticeship, you will have an opportunity to network and to learn the skills that will help you to integrate into the film, television and digital entertainment industry as entry-level workers.

Because the Internship/Apprenticeship courses are a competitive program, not everyone is guaranteed a spot. Here are just some of the shows and companies with which our students have trained: Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther 2, Spiderman, Thor, Antman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Coming to America 2, I, Tonya, Jungle Cruise, Lady and the Tramp, Godzilla, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, MacGyver, Black Lightning, Originals, Ozark, Moonshine Post, Deluxe-Company 3, Axis Replay, and Skillshot Media.

How it Works

Students who successfully complete an Introductory course (GFA 1000, GFA 1040 or GFA 1500) with a “B” or above AND a Specialty Craft course with a “B” or above are eligible to apply for the Internship/Apprenticeship.

After completing an Introductory course and at least one Specialty Craft course, students may fill out an application to apply for the Internship/Apprenticeship for the upcoming semester. After the applications are processed, students will be notified whether they are eligible to register for the Internship/Apprenticeship course for the following semester.

“I ended up working on Avengers 3 and 4 after my internship on that show ended; I was picked up by the accounting team on that show, and I’ve been working in production accounting ever since!”
Zachary B. - Former Clayton State University Student
"Since my internship on Jungle Cruise (on which I was later hired as a Costumes PA), I have been working as a Costume PA all year."
Ashley B. - Former Kennesaw State University Student

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